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28 Jun 2019 
"Night time"
50 x 150 cm, Oil on canvas
Commissioned work
Someone wanted a painting in the style of Vincent van Gogh, he wanted this one.
15 May 2019 
"Composition of... paintings"
180 x 60 cm, Oil on canvas
Private collection
Trying to arrange 3 pictures on a wall to form a theme of colors and subject matter.
15 Feb 2019 
It's someone's birthday? Give him a painting. It's personal. It's unique. And, not lastly, can be enjoyed for a lifetime.

Most other things are quite ephemeral and impersonal.
11 May 2019 
"Harvest time"
60 x 50 cm, Oil on canvas
Given away
24 Mar 2019 
35 x 35 cm, Oil on canvas
Commissioned work
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About me:   Just a regular folk and his hobbies:
Painting, ofcourse; Building electronic stuff, especially related to remote control devices, wireless communication (radio, video, audio, HD) devices, automated flying machines.
Building airplanes, drones, and unmanned flying vehicles in general. And ofcourse flying them :)

That's all ladies & gents.